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Our Story

Ottawans now have a Burger joint they can call their own. At The Burgery, we pride on serving fresh burgers the old fashioned way; but Fast.  We promise you: no frozen meat, no fillers, and no processed cheese.

Every morning, we grind 100% Canadian AAA beef Chuck in-house to form our 6 ounce patties. We only cook your burger the instant you order it on our hi-tech double-sided flat top grill. Your burger locks in all the natural juices while it's perfectly crusted on both surfaces.  The process takes less than 3 minutes. Then we dress your Burger exactly the way you like it. Add real cheddar and fresh cut fries to complete your one of a kind burger. A burger with your name on it is waiting to be made for you!


We are located at:
1091 St Laurent Blvd., Unit 2
Ottawa ON K1K 3B1
Same plaza as Food Basics

Store Hours:

Every Day: 10am - 1:30am (open late)

Our Menu

Your food will be prepared when you place your order. Our Double sided grill will cook your burger in 3 minutes.

Our signature Burgery Burger comes with one thick & juicy 6 oz AAA beef chuck patty, toasted sesame seed bun, and toppings galore. Combo includes Hand-cut Fries, Dipping Sauce & Soda. Optional:

  • Real Cheddar cheese;
  • Premium Bacon;
  • A second 6 ounce Patty;
  • Homemade Guacamole


Our signature Chicken Sandwich comes with one whole all-white-meat chicken breast seasoned and grilled to perfection, toasted sesame seed bun, and toppings galore. Our chicken is NEVER frozen. Combo includes Hand-cut Fries, Dipping Sauce & Soda. Optional:

  • Real Cheddar cheese;
  • Premium Bacon;
  • A second Chicken Breast;
  • Homemade Guacamole

A la Carte Items

HAMBURGER (6 Ounce AAA Beef Chuck) 
CHEESEBURGER (with Real Cheddar Cheese) 
BACON CHEESEBURGER (with Premium Bacon)
Have your Burger All-Dressed (free): Chipotle mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles
Optional toppings (free): Jalapeños, red onions, relish, BBQ, mayo, homemade hot salsa
Extras: Add second 6 oz. Patty | Guacamole | Cheese | Bacon
 Medium | Large
POUTINE ( Made with St-Albert’s cheese curds & veggie gravy)  Medium | Large
BEVERAGES: Assorted Soda | Bottled Spring Water | Bottled Tropical Juice

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